Thursday, August 31, 2006


Recent friend hedy dog lele has fallen ill, looked like any cancer. Each time saw we come visiting, also no longer flushed us to call. Outside only is alone lies prone in the entrance, the penetration iron ?? calmly looks at the world. Often chats with hedy her recent situation, hedy conceals ??. She said these two days dawdles dog, walks from entrance that street to on a next door street, probably to 100 feet distances, do not have to step onto for more than half hours. Lele could not take a walk. Just like the old age the old person, slowly is measuring the life which own be not muches left. She stops from time to time, some times are in a daze on the station in that, motionless. Hedy is affecting the string, tries Tugra she to go home, she does not want. She does not like returning in the room which lonely surrounds. She likes on looking like this she is familiar with the street, occasionally passed by the partner, in the wind drags branch, as well as west under setting sun.

Lele this year probably had 13 years old. Listens to Hedy to say, childhood she, unusual lively and lovable, the tail also curled upwards Lao Gao. After grows up changes is very much very very arrogant, has like her noble blood relationship. Her side has an exceptionally faithful protector. Calls Shelly. This year also had 11 years old. Is dissimilar with lele body pure white wool, a Shelly body swarthy, but also calculates smoothly. Saw his time, his rear part is already castrated, also did not have the tail (to hear this kind of variety dog tail very was since birth short, frequently could simply rip). Often together takes a walk on the street, Shelly on nearby arrogant lele turns circle. If saw has other dog maliciously to stare at to lele was looking or attempts to flirt, Shelly then can flush and others does the frame, no matter others physique is completely bigger than oneself. Usual lele can watch critically in the one side. Especially felt relieved as if to own protector. Only has was seeing Shelly soon not good time, only then can suddenly like the cheetah break through for an opposite party dog ear and the area around it, then rapidly runs off.

Although lele likes an arrogant princess, but her life uses the sentiment to be single-minded. She continuously silently is enjoying the Shelly similarly single-minded love. They are bound by a common destiny, help one another in difficult time, around a paragenesis had ten children, completely saw somebody off. In in her life final day, only has her life the companion to accompany her. She could not eat the thing, already skin and bones. I penetrate she a little fluffy mildew to trace all am the bone. Hedy said previous two days could not bear to her have washed a bath. Soaks under the hair demonstrated her whole body frame let her feel bad the good period of time.

Has, I penetrate dog's look clearly to feel the dog am a having mystical powers animal. She that sad look lets the person be very brokenhearted. I sedulously do not look at her eye. Now, she silences likes a stone. She also did not have the strength and Shelly again has played together, also did not have the strength to welcome the old friend visiting, she whatever Shelly occasionally also calmly lay prone in hers side accompanies her to silence together, recalled that to resemble the water as if together the time passage.

Reminds me of the April story

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