Wednesday, August 23, 2006

private Katrina

18 wheeler negotiates way through Franklin-Woolen Mills Road intersection, 8/21/06, 1:30PM

Its been a month since Mary's house was hit by a truck and rendered unlivable. At the time she asked her City and her insurance Company to step up and help. She has been paying taxes to the City for 42 years, she has mailed in insurances premiums monthly.
The City's response? No official response, no expression of condolence. A Meeting, as yet unscheduled, will be held at some point, sometime. Can we expect it to be as non-productive as the last meeting we had on this subject May 17, 2005?
The Insurance Company has offered a payment that doesn't begin to cover the cost of making the house livable again.

The number one priority of the City is addressing issues that have a direct impact to health and safety of residents.

Make Franklin Street one way south to its intersection with Broadway and close the street to commercial cut through traffic.

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bill, your documentation of history is priceless thanks bro.


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