Saturday, September 02, 2006

downtown maul

One of the tenets of the "new urbanists" is:

Streets and squares should be safe, comfortable, and interesting to the pedestrian.

We have asked our City to lift the burden of the commercial cut-through traffic abusing our residential neighborhood. The City has responded by instituting a study, They are looking at the speed and volume of traffic.
Speed and volume can be quantified with cables across the road, speed and volume can be measured inexpensively.
I suggest, rather than speed and volume that the City study the origin and destination of the traffic and the tonnage of the traffic. (see excerpts from the City manual)
How might this be done? Alas, it requires human-beings on site, stationed at the entry and exit points of the neighborhood and armed with radios and note-pads.
Perhaps, in lieu of a formal study, someone at the City could send a family member with a baby stroller to walk the 3/10ths of a mile on Woolen Mills Road between with Franklin Street and Meade Avenue? Or, in the alternative, send children on bicycles.

Origin-Destination (O-D) Studies: O-D studies will be conducted when the basic traffic problem relates to excessive cut-through traffic on a particular residential street, or when the problem relates to truck movements through the area. ..It is necessary to use a sufficient number of surveyors to observe all gateways to the neighborhood simultaneously, if a full understanding and documentation of the through traffic problem is to be gained.
(PG 9, City of Charlottesville Traffic Calming device Implementation Guidebook)

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Blogger emory said...

It is amazing what the City can do when motivated. Consider the Downtown mall. The City closed West Main Street to make it more pedestrian friendly, to resucitate the Central Business District.

What would it take for the City to consider resucitating the residential quality of life in a neighborhood?

Blogger Doolittle said...

Oh great Bill. Now you're suggesting that our city employees should put their OWN precious children at risk? That's outrageous!

Anyway, why are you so negatiiiiive.....? You're not helping the "dialog" move forwarrrrd in a "positive direction!" Can't you wave a magic wand and fix this without saying anything "hurtful" or "unpleasant?"

Do you know what's more important than cement trucks flattening children on bikes? It's that everybody has to feel "really gooood" about the "process."

And what about the wealthy businessmen? We don't want to hurt their feeeelings! They are much more important than the plain drab people who stupidly live along that road. The businessmen pay taxes(!)... big shiny important taxes, not like the plain insignificant taxes that we pay.

No Bill, don't rock the booooaaat. Why are you forcing the city officials to make decisions and dooo their jobs...? We KNOW it's a dangerous situation, but you're supposed to help us pretend it's nooooot!!!

*plugs ears and hums loudly so that the facts will just... go... away*

The preceding Smoke & Mirrors(TM) has been brought to you by a Guy Behind a Curtain, Pulling Some Levers and Looking Busy. "Hey, look over there!"

Blogger Barrett said...

(Wondering aloud how much Doolittle resembles Dick Cheney, but with a properly-working heart and sense of irony...) ;-)


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