Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Franklin Maw

By now you might recognize the intersection of the footpath with Woolen Mills Road.

A few years back former Woolen Mills neighborhood president Roy Baltimore spoke on tape about the path (Franklin Street) which leads under the railroad tracks. When Roy was a boy the path was utilized by neighborhood residents to access the Woolen Mills Park (a neighborhood built and designed recreational area which boasted shuffleboard, and a baseball diamond. Woolen Mills Park is now the location of the industrial "park" on Broadway from which much of the cut through traffic originates.) Culvert Road either (Franklin Street) that was a cow path, you couldn?t drive a car through there to save your life, you could hardly get a cow through there. I used to have to go after the cows and it was rough walking getting a cow through that area, rough, stones all in the road.
-Roy Baltimore

So yesterday, when this enterprising driver was shaving 60 seconds off his day by making a turn in the yard of 1609 Woolen Mills Road my neighbor Steve suggested to the driver that he use an appropriate route. The driver didn't appreciate Steve's suggestion: "I always go this way."

In the City's study of Woolen Mills traffic they won't find this driver speeding. His rig will count as one vehicle.

In the background: work has begun on the repair of the 116 year old house of Woolen Mills weaver Ethel Scruggs (struck by a north-bound vehicle 7/23/06).



Blogger jocelyn said...

I'd start seeking donations of boulders. Make the corners too tight to turn (well, make it more evident). It's not an ideal solution, but it's one that certain households in my Indiana hometown took up when delivery and firetrucks (returning) wouldn't stop using lawns as cut-throughs/turns.


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