Thursday, September 21, 2006

Woolen Mills Police

At points it was rumored that the Woolen Mills might incorporate as a town. There was a school, a church, trash pickup, health insurance, a police force, a park, a store and an employer. There was agricultural production. Hogs were raised and killed, cows milked, vegetables canned.
The people of the Woolen Mills nursed their sick, buried their dead.

The Woolen Mills was a community of people that migrated to the foot of Monticello in response to socio-legal and economic pressures. They came to the S-bend of the Rivanna in search of a better life. On Woolen Mills Road they built a remarkably stable family village.

Upon first glance it is possible to conclude this was an "industrial village". It is a logical assumption. There was one industrial employer.

But what made this village endure were multilayered ties of family and the habit of agrarian self-sufficiency.

Woolen Mills Road- Photographs, Maps and Legends on display now at the Albemarle Charlottesville Historical Society



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