Thursday, October 12, 2006

the force

There is a disturbance in the force.
The color to b&w ratio on dave's blog is teetering toward color.
The sisters are on different continents.
There are Nukes on the Korean peninsula.
Not necessarily in that order.



Blogger Barrett said...

Well, the color work Dave's been doing is quite strong in its own right. I keep making these wide turns between b/w and color as well (albeit almost entirely via film, in spite of the little old Olympus digital given to me recently), so I grok Dave's changes more than I would otherwise.

As for those fearless daughters of yours, which continents?

As for N. Korea, I like to quote Tom Whisker (host of radio station WBAI's superb Weaponry), who reminds us that any missile lobbed by one country to another always carries with it a return address, however bad the aim; the consequences are Many Unhappy Returns.

But, yeah, disturbance in the Force, indeed...

- Barrett


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