Friday, October 13, 2006

Mr. Huja's wisdom

Brenda Baltimore, 1602 Woolen Mills Road. Brenda's great-grandfather began work at the Mill in the 1850's

All cities contain areas, sites, or structures of architectural and/or historical interest or significance. Such structures and areas contribute to the particular uniqueness of each city and form an important part of that city's physical and cultural heritage which, if lost, cannot be replaced. The loss of its heritage deprives the city of its individuality. Unless means can be found to retain important structures and areas in urban areas, our communities face a future of historical and architectural sterility.

Historic Landmark Study, Satyendra Singh Huja, 1976



Blogger emory said...

Woodie's mule's pature was re-zoned industrial by City Council and the urban renewal firm, Harland Bartholemew and Associates, in 1958.
Five years later, in 1963, the Woolen Mills residential neighborhood was annexed by the City of Charlottesville.
The residents of the Woolen Mills Village had no opportunity to effect the zoning imposed on their neighborhood by the City.


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