Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Cat (D) Dog (R)

its been a bad month for white horses
I was looking for information on white horses and came across the Whitehorse Alaska website. Whitehorse has a cat leash law!

Cat at Large No cat shall run at large within the City of Whitehorse and are required to be on a leash.
No owner of a cat shall allow the animal to defecate on public or private land other than his own. Where an animal does defecate on its property the owner of the animal shall regularly clean and sanitize the area and remove all excreta.



Blogger Barrett said...

I guess the town was known for having packs of ornery, trash-talkin' felines spraying hither and yon, ransacking gardens and yowling into the night. How many laws regarding domesticated critters does this town have on the books, anyway? ;-)

- Barrett


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