Monday, January 29, 2007


Real estate developers come in all colors, shapes and sizes. One useful metric to apply when evaluating a r.e.d., does he/she live in the area under development? Will Red live in his development when the project is complete and the profits are banked?
Two interesting articles in the local media today on the subject.
The Washington Post weighs in with:

The Sleaze in Loudoun
Insiders get rich, and the public stays in the dark.

SMALL PLACES rapidly on their way to becoming big are often susceptible to opportunism, abuse and influence-peddling practiced by a closed circle of insiders...

The Charlottesville Daily Progress offers up:

Albemarle's double-edged growth tool
County's control over development scrutinized

Albemarle County?s new effort to direct growth not just into growth areas but within those areas has some developers scratching their heads, some even alarmed.

For more discussion visit Waldo Jacquith's Cville News

Brian Wheeler and Coy Barefoot talk about Charlottesville's growing pains:

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Blogger Doolittle said...

Thanks for this great round-up of articles.

There's also an interesting letter to the editor in this past week's C-ville Weekly from a man in Loudoun County who is doing his best to warn us about what's coming if we're not careful. But is anyone in this area listening? He speaks specifically on the problem of commissions and boards getting loaded with people who have a financial stake in the development game. Sorry no link available to that on the web.

Blogger Lightnin said...

This photo reminds me of every flight I've taken in the past decade. It's getting harder to tell what I'm flying over; hope they don't change the shapes of the rivers...

Blogger Barrett said...

(Sigh)...what Dolittle and Lightnin said. Up here in NYC (where people keep telling me there's "no such thing" as overdevelopment, I see more neighborhoods getting the character ripped out of them for the sake of some amazingly tacky and soulless "luxury" residences. I think I figured out one un-mentioned reason you don't see much below-market-rate housing going up in these parts: about the only difference between modern luxo-boxes and cheaper digs is abit of wood trim in the lobby and an awning out front. Thae sad thing about scams like this is that, in true P.T. Barnum fashion, there are far more willing marks than carnys to take 'em.

- Barrett


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