Wednesday, January 03, 2007


I hate the way the New Year is recognized. Goofy glasses, stilts and balloons, clowns, silly hats, football, television. The passing of a year is weighty. So much left undone. I wish we could sit quietly, in conversation, contemplation and meditation. Say goodbye, say hello.



Blogger TL Patten said...

You have put your finger on exactly what I feel has been missing these past 2 weeks. As much as I have contemplated and meditated and ruminated on my own, I haven't spent any time in the quiet company of friends reviewing who we are in the context of where we are and who/where we want to be....

Whoops. This is becoming a post in itself, not a comment, so I'll take the rest of it to my own space. Just wanted to empathize with what you wrote and say "Hello, Bill." :-)

Blogger Sarabeth said...

Yes, that is true. My good friends and I did just that this New Year's Eve. We let the kids do the reveling.

Blogger Barrett said...

Bill: what you've described is essential. Way too much gets left undone, and one of those things ? to me, anyway, and obviously to you ? is sharing with friends one hasn't seen in a while, or simply hasn't spent enough time with. Joyful, but thoughtful. Cheers to you!

- Barrett

Blogger Dave Beckerman said...

As far as I can tell, the point of New Years Eve is to forget all the stuff we haven't done, and all the stuff we're not going to do; to be part of a huge annonymous crowd and become as mindless as possible.

I think this works fairly well when you are between the ages of 15 and 35, and then the silly loud thing doesn't distract as well anymore.

It don't work for me anymore. But I'm too ancient to become part of the mindless youth crowd.


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