Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Tempest afoot in NYC. How can properties that contribute to the unique character of a city stand against real estate development interests?
Washington Post provides coverage today.
Writer Tom Wolfe had an op-ed on the subject in the 11/26/06 New York Times.



Blogger Michael said...

These last few shots have been extraordinary. Wow.

No wonder we keep dropping in. Do you get any feedback about us silent fans?

Blogger Barrett said...

Bill (Warning: Cynical New Yorker Rant): As an ex-Manhattanite content to view my former island home from across the river (Brooklyn), I can only shake my head at the built-on-the-cheap nature of our current building "boom" here (which for the moment is not suffering the "condo-glut" affecting other major US cities, so sez the New York Times today). It's almost(?) as if the people putting up these things are primed to take the money and scram before the next major whatver hits the fan, so who cares what it looks like, or how long the things will soundly stand?

Yes, there are such things as attractive residential high-rise buildings here. It just a shame no one's bothered to build one in the last forty-five years.

- Barrett

Blogger Doolittle said...

But surely something like this couldn't happen in "historic" Charlottesville, home of Jefferson and Monticello?!

We really value our old structures here and do our best to preserve them. Except, of course, if they get in the way of some bloated developer's plans. Then we raze 'em, cuz that's how we roll!

Sweet, delicious Revenue... mmmmm.


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