Wednesday, January 31, 2007

urban legend

I have a neighbor who makes broad verbal statements. Usually the statements contain a kernel of truth presented with a garnish of hyperbole.
My neighbor says there is an ancient law, passed by the Jefferson-enthusiastic people of Albemarle, which prohibits property owners from erecting structures on their land which obscure adjacent land-owners' views of Monticello Mountain. Monticello Mountain is the local Mount Olympus, home of third US President and Constitution author, Thomas Jefferson.
The "Little Mountain" visible through the steel superstructure above is Monticello. Jefferson died at home, on top of that hill, July 4, 1826.
Ah! If only there is a kernel of truth in this story! I checked, but the inviolate view of Mr. Jefferson's mountain is not a national urban legend.
Sadly, the view from Monticello, has been very negatively effected as well by the rush for development dollars. A visit to the mountaintop is a feast for the eye. There is a beautiful view to the east. The western view is largely obscured by trees, except for keyhole cut to reveal the University of Virginia.



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