Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Carson poses

Posing. I've never had a talent for giving direction to portrait subjects. I share the discomfort that 95% of humanity feels when a camera is aimed their way, and have no easy words to alleviate the unease.
I made a formal portrait of my mother twelve years ago. We drank a bottle of wine first, that helped a little.
When photographed, children typically are directed to smile. I think they get tired of that. I encourage children to anti-smile. Ah! A delightful new instruction!
Serious is part of childhood too.



Blogger Barrett said...

Interesting. Now that I think of it, I've rarely asked a child to smile "for the camera". Kids are who they are in the moment?always more interesting than attempting to orchestrate that moment.

- Barrett

Blogger jogee_lynn said...

I love your photos and the anti smile is acually a really cool idea. I think i will try it. you csn cheak out my blog at


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