Wednesday, February 07, 2007

choking on a biscuit

Charlottesville City Councilors scheduled a tough session for themselves Monday night.
"Residential cut-through traffic" has been eroding the quality of life in City neighborhoods for years. The City is ringed with a doughnut of Cul-de-Sacville's. Mr. & Mrs. Cul-de-sac get where they are going by cutting through City neighborhoods.
If you want to motor from the newest sac (expected to generate 30,480 auto trips per day) to UVA, there are arterial roads available, but really, who can resist a short-cut?
Distressed citizens from many neighborhoods were on hand to speak at two public hearings.

When the meeting got down to chewing on the biscuit, I had three minutes of tape left. Apologies that the recorded comments are not complete. (sound bites- 185Kb)

Why do we allow the Automobile to rule? Some interesting listening on that topic:
Peter Norton speaks with Coy Barefoot
about his article "Street Rivals: Jaywalking and the Invention of the Motor Age Street," recently published in the Journal of Technology and Culture. Norton discusses the transition from streets being pedestrian-oriented to becoming the domain of the motorcar, and whose interests were really being served. He is also working on a book called "Fighting Traffic."



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