Thursday, February 15, 2007

pave paradise

hendersonville road
In Tom Wolfe's hometown there is a residential development some locals call "zits on a mountain". It has a ridge-line component, houses on the hilltop. Hey! Look at me! I am rich!

Topography can be a silver lining or a cloud for the real estate developer. In the case of the Reynolds Mountain subdivision in Asheville, North Carolina, silver lining! Yes the road construction was difficult, but the residential views from on high! My oh my. Never mind the envious locals. They wish they had houses in "The Heights", "The Views", "The Summit", "Altamont" and "The Preserve".

For the developer of commercial property, hills are problematic. One can't simply, as the hippie chick said, pave paradise. Hills are a pain in the ass to pave. Got to strip the trees, cut and fill, flatten the hill, then pave.

Oh lost!



Blogger Lightnin said...

I have fond memories of this road.
What happened?
Too bad my memory doesn't have any machinery to pave over some of the big bumps. I want to live high on a mountain that no one can see. yeah, I know, so does everyone else.


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