Thursday, February 08, 2007


east of the Suwannee Pit, Branford, Florida. Hey people of Branford, what is this thing? Does it employ people?

One day the money will be right and I'll purchase a professional level digital camera and lenses to bend light into it. Meanwhile, my only telephoto option is a 180mm purchased for newspaper work in 1976. Living a divided photographic life. Exposed this frame December 2005. Seeing the film result for the first time this morning.
Fourteen months ago I chimped the digital version on site.

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Blogger TL Patten said...

Although the digital version, due to its wider angle and pixel accuracy, captures that great swirl and curve in the cloud patterns, I think I like the film version better. The grain of the film somehow emphasizes the mystery and formidability of the object in a way that digital just can't.

Blogger Barrett said...

Agreed on the film shot vis-a-vis the digital shot. Also agree with Lightnin: that this does look scary.

- Barrett

Blogger kizmo98 said...

Are you really asking what this is? This picture is old

Blogger emory said...

Kizmo= I really would like to know. the picture taken 12/30/05. but yep, I definitely want to know.


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