Friday, May 04, 2007

the light

Dorothy Roberta Simms Taylor 1/28/1935-4/27/2007

I can't remember a time before Dorothy Simms Taylor. I have had good people in my life. Dot went beyond good people. Dot was extraordinary.
To everything Dot did, she brought her habit of excellence, her intellect, her strength of will, her determination. There was no "half-way" or "good-enough" for Dot. When Dot chose to do a thing it was done right.
To be around Dot was to be uplifted.
Her generosity of spirit, her love of friends, family, community and church, her conversation, her smile--these things were infectious. When she walked into a room she let her light shine and everyone saw it.
I visited with Dot twice recently. Both times I sat on the floor. Close to her, close to my teacher, at her feet.
Both times she said "Billy Emory, have a seat, sit in a chair."
But I'd stay at her feet, I was happy at her feet. From the floor I could look up at her.
I have always looked up to Dot. I will always look up to Dot.
We celebrate Dot's life.
We carry her in our hearts.
Just as she carried us in hers for so many years.


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