Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Bank of America

What is a bank. A tower somewhere. A computer network. Power in digital form. Banks become more godlike as each year passes. How do we communicate with Banks? Petition them with prayer? That is what I've been doing today. The modern form of petitioning with prayer, 1-800-KIS-MYAS. Calling, waiting, navigating menus, explaining, being transferred, being dropped.
The prayer partners at the Bank, the tools available to them, amazing. They can instantly access records and see that I am a faithful servant, that I am worthy, a member of the flock for thirty years. But, the aid I seek. "I am sorry sir."



Blogger emory said...


If you are a Bishop or above in the Bank of America hierarchy, please contact me without delay. I require your assistance.

Blogger Jennifer Ho said...

I'm not a bishop, just a visitor passing through your blog. I like your work--the images are powerful and sometimes haunting and definitely thought provoking.

They burned down the Church of B of A in the college town where I went to school--it became an interesting symbol of a brief moment when there was rebellion in the ranks. I can't remember what went into the old B of A building--but the cardinals in charge decided not to tempt fate again, and it never housed another bank, that I recall.


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