Monday, July 09, 2007

there is an organization for everyone

I wonder if the pawn shops of America have an association, K street representation, lobbyists? Do they have advertising professionals on the payroll to ameliorate public perception regarding pawn shops? Do they contribute a percentage of their gross to "feel-good" causes. Can anyone send me a positive pawn shop story?
Ask and it will be answered. Yes, there is a national association with a website and FAQ's.
Question: How does a pawnbroker's business work?
Question: Why would someone go to a pawnbroker to get a loan?
Question: What is the foreclosure procedure?
Question: Do most pawn customers lose their merchandise?
Question: How can I be sure the merchandise I purchase at a pawnshop isn't stolen?
Question: What is the difference between buying at a pawnshop and buying at a retail store?
Question: Why is the image of pawnbroking changing since the 1930s?
Question: How are pawnbrokers regulated?
Question: Is pawnbroking a "bad times" industry?
Question: Do pawnbrokers attract indigents and derelicts?
Question: Do pawnbrokers downgrade the neighborhood and hurt property value?
Question: Are there firearms in pawnshops?
Question: Are pawnshops rates excessive?

There is a Virginia pawnbrokers association as well. Their website seems to be broken. Virginia pawnbrokers are feeling threatened by a state legislature that runs a gambling operation? Ironies abound...

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Blogger Barrett said...

I'd guess the answer is "no." Like sex workers, the law of supply and demand obviates the need for lobbyists (unlike the "defense" industry, whose toys are quite pricey, however much in-demand they might be in assorted parts of the world; we shred surplus F-14s in the hopes that Iran won't get their hands on spare parts to keep the ones we sold them ? pre-Khomeini, natch ? from still flying, but we're quite unscrupulous otherwise). They remain in existence for as long as people in financial duress continue to exist.

- Barrett


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