Saturday, August 11, 2007

garden party

receiving good Italian coverage today, I think, I don't speak Italian



Blogger Jim said...

In magnificent the situated one of this great photographer I have scovato these words, of which does not come cited the source:

You can know the day,
you can know the hour,
but no man knows the hour
the minute or the second
in which morirÓ.

(translation courtesy

It adds the artist that from the day in which heard these words, she never did not lack to carry with himself a clock and to often watch it.

A life dedicated to the Photography, with a passion, a love and an attention have lead that it to the higher summits of the artistic expression. In its images rigorously in black and white, it can be enjoyed exceptional moments immortalati with the rigor of Bresson, with the heart of Doisneau. But the style of this artist is more modern regarding that they have been the masters in '900 of a Photography of road, made of looks and fastest visions, the style that like all you will know, I loves more.
Visiting its situated one it is dipped to us in a travel in the America between the '900 and our century, lost in a labyrinth of emotions and moments that, in spite of the time that escapes, it is successful to stop. In order always.

Paola Pandolfini

Blogger Dave Beckerman said...

Paola beat me to it. I just did the same in Babelfish and got the same (more or less) translation. -- Dave


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