Saturday, September 22, 2007


east market street
The deadline to apply for a seat on the Charlottesville Planning Commission has been extended to Monday, October 1st. Apply online! Applicants must be residents of Charlottesville.

NOTE TO INTERESTED CANDIDATES: Application via the City of Charlottesville's award winning website is not 100% reliable. If you have tossed your hat into the ring via this method, call Jeanne Cox (970-3113) and make sure she has received the application!



Blogger emory said...

whatever happened to the plan to underground utilities? With current emphasis on planting street trees and storm water infrastructure concerns it is a good time to consider a coordinated approach...

Blogger jocelyn said...

I never realized how many poles were in the sidewalk until I had a baby. Add to that the utter insanity of the every-which way (but the right way) curb cuts and the lack of sidewalk continuity and you'll see why I'm so often frazzled.

To share the woes/quirks of other cities:
tree in street
double poles
(And here would be the link to a utility pole erected in the middle of a turn lane, but I can't seem to turn that one up.)

Living in a world class city means having the luxury of inconvenient utilities.

Blogger Barrett said...

Well, that photo speaks volumes...

Here in NYC, one example of right-hand-doesn't-know-what-the-left-hand-is-doing concerns street repaving. Some streets here can go for years without needed repairs, but once a street finally gets more than the usual crappy patch-job, it's often torn up again soon afterward because of some "unforeseen" problem, but as often as not it's the local telco or cable company wanting to lay down lines...but what happens to those lines, mere inches below the chip-seal, when the street has to get torn up again for another resurfacing?

(And, my block in Brooklyn still has telephone poles, even in the back yards.)

- Barrett


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