Sunday, October 14, 2007

day of rest



Blogger emory said...

this sign makes me laugh because which Jesus are we talking about? There are at least a dozen families here in town that would be ready for the baby Jesus. Put him somewhere dry and warm, in a 21st century crib, no swaddling clothes, no pillows, no blankets.
Or then the loving Jesus, everybody wants to hang with him. Loving mellow, finding no wrong that isn't forgivable Jesus.
But, whoa.
I think its the kicking butt taking names Jesus coming to town. "You've had two-thousand years to get ready and this is all you have done?"
What exactly was so complicated about "Love each other"?

Blogger Scott and Deb said...

Hello, Bill--I haven't left a comment for a long time, (and then under a different user name) but still regularly visit your picture gallery.
What strikes me about this shot is that it does not display these words of invitation as posted on the marquee of some grand and aged church, or even on some trendy scrolling sign in front of a new-fab mega-church; rather this photo seems to say that this type of place is where you're still most likely to find Him: a small non-descript home that certainly no one from the "significant" world would notice.
Puts me in mind of the parable about all the big-wigs that got invited to a wedding, but they were too busy to come so the invitation was extended to the common folk in the street, who came.
Wouldn't it make a picture, now, if any of those influential church leaders with their silk suits and perfect hair were caught in a candid shot knocking on this very door? I wonder what expression they'd be wearing? And, I think it speaks volumes about your own faith because you are there, ready to record such a visit, if only one would happen.

Thanks for this one.

Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Be ready for Jesus"-- another one of the many riddles that Christ posed for our edification. How we react to it tells us so much about where our hearts are. Ready for His love? Ready to care for our neighbor next door? Ready for God's Judgment? And your photograph presents this paradox to us in its stark, black & white reality. Thanks. Scott


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