Friday, October 05, 2007

teach your chidren

Where do we learn our driving habits? One teaching moment is the School Bus. Bus drivers should strive to set the example of how to drive in neighborhoods, they could easily establish a tradition of uncompromising driving excellence. If the school bus drivers aren't interested in leading the way, a half dozen tickets per week from the Police Department targeted at school bus drivers might have a salutary effect. Human learn and humans talk to each other.
Traffic is a major concern in this community. There are over two hundred mentions of traffic in the City's comprehensive plan, the degradation of quality of life secondary to traffic is an issue common to all the neighborhoods in this City. And we respond how?

A interesting interview from Cville Podcasting network on the subject of pedestrians and motor vehicles sharing streets:
Peter Norton speaks with Coy Barefoot about his article "Street Rivals: Jaywalking and the Invention of the Motor Age Street," published in the Journal of Technology and Culture. Norton discusses the transition from streets being pedestrian-oriented to becoming the domain of the motorcar, and whose interests were really being served. He is also working on a book called "Fighting Traffic."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And we respond how?
More asphalT! And priorities, how many people work in traffic planning for the city, um, one?

Blogger Sean Tubbs said...

Anonymous, there's actually a lot of people working to make sure that trails and bikeways are part of Charlottesville's transportation future. The City is just part of the solution, and they have a part-time trails planner who has secured more than $300,000 in funding for sidewalks and trails since coming on board last year. He's applying for several hundred thousand dollars more.

A lot of transportation planning is also overseen by the Metropolitan Planning Organization, which is the federally mandated special government that oversees the region's transportation priorities. We podcast all of their meetings in their entirety at Charlottesville Tomorrow, and I'd encourage you to listen to last month's event, where trails planner Chris Gensic gave a very good update on his work to date. Additionally, Harrison Rue, the head of the Thomas Jefferson Planning District, discussed ways to make pedestrian crossings safer.

There are solutions to area's transportation problems, and very talented people are working on them.

Blogger Sean Tubbs said...

I want to stress that it's up to you, the residents of the City, to make sure that your elected officials and staff know that you want to see solutions implemented.


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