Saturday, October 20, 2007

water wars

text from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and from the Associated Press.

Val Perry Jr., a homeowner and officer of the Lake Lanier Association, told the Corps last week that "If there were no dams at all, some mussels would die and [the species would] not become extinct. ... Does a couple of mussels trump 5 million people? What I hear from the Corps is that the answer to that is yes."

Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin said the region should explore piping in additional sources of water--possibly from the Tennessee or Savannah rivers. She even suggested desalinating sea water from Georgia's Atlantic coast.
"We need to look beyond our borders," she said.

"And if Los Angeles can do it, I'll tell you Georgia can."-. Roy Barnes (former Governor)



Blogger emory said...

How about limiting human population growth within the boundaries of a watershed to a number that could be suppied by the rain that falls on the watershed?

That would infringe on the property rights of individuals?


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