Tuesday, December 04, 2007

funding priorities

Mary lives at a T-intersection. Both Mapquest and Google maps suggest a route through the T for vehicles traveling in the southeast quadrant of Charlottesville. This is not the truck that struck Mary's house, this is a truck turning in Mary's front yard. There are signs asking tractor trailers not to use this route.

Close to a year and a half ago I posted regarding my neighbor Mary's harrowing experience. A pickup truck crashed into her house, in the dark of night. The hit from the truck destroyed her kitchen, cracked the foundation of her 100+ year old home, and forced Mary to relocate for months while the damage was repaired.
The driver of the truck backed the snout of his pickup out of the side of Mary's house, he drove 3/10ths of a mile west at which point his vehicle succumbed to injuries sustained in the frontal assault. The driver continued his movement away from the scene on foot.

Seventeen months later, the driver has yet to be sentenced.

The wheels of justice turn slowly, the wheels of the pickup turned fast.

Might our City Council consider directing additional funds into the traffic enforcement section of the Police Department rather than spending that money on surveillance equipment?

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Blogger Jim said...

Unbelievable the way your town works! Or doesn't.

Blogger Sarabeth said...

Cameras are so much more interesting. (read some sarcasm in there)

Bill, I'm not on C'ville blogs anymore. Just letting you know.

Anonymous Doolittle said...

Yep, Jim, agreed. Does that street look even remotely appropriate for that sort of traffic?

But that truck is there because one (yep, that's one) single person feels their needs are more important than anyone else's. So exceedingly important that they would go to any lengths to make sure that street isn't one-wayed. And perhaps that person has a secret future agenda for that street.

But you can't be selfish by yourself. In order to crush an entire neighborhood's efforts to promote safety and peace, you also need a City Council that dances along to your tune.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i used to drive for that company. most of their drivers are just that fucking stupid.


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