Thursday, December 06, 2007




Blogger Jennifer said...

Bill- youre scaring me, that foot is precarious-be careful! Great shot. Did you take it? Amazing.

Blogger emory said...

definitely one of the moments when you don't want to drop the camera. I am terrified of heights and my daughters jump out of airplanes. And so the generational pendulum swings.

Anonymous Rob said...

I don't know whether I look the foot in there or not. It interrupts the scene, but at the same time it personalizes the feeling of being uncomfortably high-up.

Blogger Jennifer said...

At least you didnt pass on your fears to your girls- good work. I love the photo and the foot really provides this extra dimension of drama (for me I didnt notice the foot until last and it took my breath away a little bit).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be fun to see a collection of photos under the title Feet First. Think of all the interesting things it would include, like looking down from heights, jumping down, death, falling in love, dancing.


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