Monday, February 18, 2008

Madison County, Virginia

I grew up with beagles. When I was twenty-three, moved to Madison County where huntin' folk knew them as "beatles". Here one of Lurtie's beatles does the Snoopy thing, on top of the house. If he'd lived another thirty two years, he'd know about Uno, Best in Show, Madison Square Garden.
Hounds rule.



Blogger emory said...

OK OK, yes, this is no AKC 15" beagle, this is a hound, a Madison County Hound. But Lurtie called it a beatle.

Dating back to the 1300s, the Beagle was first bred as a hunting companion for small game. His compact, muscular body, bold attitude and hardy bearing, come from a blend of various ancient hounds. In America, the Beagle dates back to colonial days, when they were imported for hunting rabbits. A weekly brushing helps to keep their short coat in condition. Smart, independent and easily bored, they will get in trouble when unsupervised, and that includes barking. Beagles come in two varieties: Not to exceed 13" and Over 13" but not to exceed 15."-AKC

Blogger Ron Evans said...


Saw you out yesterday walking with your fourfooter, which reminded me to check your site for new pictures.

I'm pretty sure in the state adjoining Virginia to our southwest the beagle in question would certainly be classified AKC, Authentic Kentucky Charmer.

Look a bit closer and you will see a noble guardian of his estate, safeguarding against undesirables, man & beast alike.

Just an absolutely beautiful image!



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