Saturday, March 29, 2008

tulip poplar


Anonymous Gary Glass said...

Delightful Buddha. Did you find this or set it up?

Blogger emory said...

hey Gary- I wish I had a Buddha like this riding around in the back of the station wagon. There'd be no end to the number of places I'd want to set him up, "Gautama goes to McDonalds, Gautama and roadside rubble..." It is an idea.
In this case, found roadside scene.

Blogger Gary said...

I've never seen a Buddha in that posture. Great find!

Blogger Sarah said...


I haven't caught up with black and white for a while and was delighted to find this picture today. I work at my partner's Buddhist inspired cafe in the UK, where I'm working today, and it couldn't have been more perfectly timed.

Thank you for another beautiful image, you made my day.


PS Gautama goes to McDonalds...The world is waiting for that picture...!


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