Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bach, Flip, Marvin Brown, Look3

Still alive. The Festival of the Photograph, "Look3", Nick Nichols vastly expanded backyard party, going on in Charlottesville. Heaven on earth. People with cameras everywhere, music everywhere, images everywhere.
Moncure talked me into Flip video. Amazing little machine, what have the digital Gods wrought.The fabulous Marvin Brown plays Bach.
Two photojournalists staying here in the Starkes house, Sahal Abdulle from Mogadishu and Paul Brown from Beckley. Both troublemakers in their home places.
Trouble is what good journalists do.



Blogger Ed Deasy said...


It was my first photo festival, only because the last two years I was unable to be in Charlottesville. It was almost overwhelming. I was really amazed by Mary Ellen Mark's photography and her entire concept of the relationship to her "subjects."
I'll be on the lookout for Marvin also.
take it easy. . .


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