Saturday, July 26, 2008

blessed are the notetakers

In the midst of this overflow of generous sentiment, one country gentleman, an admirer no doubt, of both parties named, asked Mr. Webster what his estimate of Mr.J.Q.Adams was. It was like a wet blanket on the conversation. Mr. Webster threw himself back in his chair, and, as if speaking to himself without any reference to the question asked, said in his deep bass voice, "I hate a man who takes notes."- WHE

My high school English teacher painted me a picture emblazoned with the legend, "they don't hand out prizes for persistence." The English teacher's father, an English teacher, has a persistent student now running for president.

Today is the 65th birthday of another English teacher, pictured above (1976) and below (2002).

Everyday he writes the book.

If I were king, I would require, of everyone, leave a summation behind.
The conclusive epitaph.
A report to those who follow.
Stone tablet, novella, music-video, diary, the form is your choice. What did you do, what did you leave undone?
Everyone renders an account.
There would be vainglorious and delusional autobiography. There would be truth.
The words, the deeds, the love, the people, all go to dust.

Leave something that speaks.

Samuel Chase Coale writing the book



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