Wednesday, July 02, 2008

free tickets

A passel of white people lined up this morning at the Monticello Visitor's center for tickets to the mountaintop's Independence Day Celebration and Naturalization Ceremony.
It was like being in Vermont, white people everywhere.
I confess, I immensely enjoy the July 4 naturalization ceremony. The new citizens are given a chance to speak. They usually speak about why they value America, why they are choosing America.
Alas, President George W. Bush is coming to the Mountain July 4. Security concerns throw a wrench in the works. The coolest day of the year at Monticello is thus transformed, made formal, a day of lines and limited freedom.
I hope the new Americans say nice things. I'd attend if I could.



Blogger Jennifer said...

its like Vermont- LOL
Hope you are doing ok, great photos, I particularly like the black and white- the 4th is always so colorful and vibrant, your b&w creates an interesting incongruence in the photos in my mind.

Blogger sara said...

I have to go and play in the band.... I figure it's an honor to be able to say we played for The President... and not too long from now we can pretend we don't remember which one.

Only 1000 tickets... the band had that many people at our free concert last night at the Paramount! Any idea when/if tickets sold out?

Anonymous Ray said...

That shot of the folks sitting around waiting for tickets is a damn fine photograph. Are you getting better at it?

What band is Sara in that plays for the president?

New Oxford American issue with DVD coming your way.

Happy 4th. Independence Day. - Ray, Tina, Ruby

Blogger N.C.Street Photography said...

I can't believe this. Ticket holders couldn't even carry a flag to the event.I'm 48 years old & this isn't the same America I grew up in or studied about in American
history. It seems the terrorist did win a war on 911 the psychological war.


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