Tuesday, August 26, 2008

little ear

This sea lion has been named Woody by his bipedal keepers.

The eared seals or otariids are marine mammals in the family Otariidae - one of three groupings of Pinnipeds. They comprise 16 species in seven genera commonly known either as sea lions or fur seals, distinct from true seals (phocids) and the Walrus (odobenids). Otariids are adapted to a semi-aquatic lifestyle, feeding and migrating in the water but breeding and resting on land or ice. They reside in subpolar, temperate, and equatorial waters throughout the Pacific and Southern oceans and the southern Indian and Atlantic oceans. They are conspicuously absent in the north Atlantic.
The name otariid comes from the Greek otarion meaning "little ear",[1] referring to the small but visible external ear flaps (pinnae) which can be used to distinguish them from the phocids.--Wikipedia



Anonymous Helen said...

visually pleasing AND educational. Nice!


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