Friday, September 26, 2008

focused attention

uria aalge

These are aviary birds. They are looked after, fed, protected. Living the good life.
A raptor flew by their enclosure.

These are Wachovia Corp stock-holders...
Their attention is focused. Come on now Wachovia, you are not Washington Mutual. You are a southern bank that did some stupid things while on vacation in California. Get a grip stockholders!

The first breeding season takes place at the age of 4-6 years. The common murre does not use nesting material, as the one egg is laid on the bare rock or soil of a steep cliff or ledge facing the sea. The egg is pyriform or pear-shaped which prevents it from rolling off of the ledge.-ADW



Blogger Flying Scott said...

Re the aviary bird and Wachovia stockholders: perhaps the 3rd photo should be an inside picture of a chicken farm run by humans in fox garb!

Thanks for the chuckle (from someone who does not own Wachovia stock!)



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