Monday, December 08, 2008

Maryland Route 213

Chestertown, Maryland


Blogger emory said...

The National Trust for Historic Preservation, the country's largest private, nonprofit preservation organization, named Chestertown, Md., to its 2007 list of America's Dozen Distinctive Destinations, an annual list of unique and lovingly preserved communities in the United States. Chestertown was selected from 63 destinations in 27 states that were nominated by individuals, preservation organizations, and local communities.

"Chestertown is a treasure hidden in plain sight," said Richard Moe, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. "A small, historic and relatively unspoiled Eastern Shore town, Chestertown had the good sense to hang on to what makes it so special. The result is a vibrant community that offers travelers an ideal retreat."--Wikipedia

Anonymous Victoria said...

"Chestertown had the good sense to hang on to what makes it so special."

Well, that's at least one way it's superior to Charlottesville...

Anonymous Ed Deasy said...


I spent quite a while in Chestertown. I was an undergraduate at Washington College, and lived/worked there after graduating.
The college had a darkroom that was open to all to use at the time. The full enrollment as Washington College then was slightly over a thousand, so communal darkroom could work. It became the place to hang for all those interested in black and white photographic development and printing. A great place to learn and to socialize, it was a different sort of red-light district.
Chestertown was so historic that it actually was the place to get your tobacco shipped out before Baltimore became the prime harbor. The Chester River (Tidal, flows two ways each day) had to be dredged. Pickers were shipped up river, the cotton was shipped down; a river of commodities.
The Customs House is one of the oldest structures. When I was in school it was in primitive condition and rented to some students.
Those gravestones that are on the ?black and white dreams? site are from a graveyard just a half mile from the Customs House.
I returned about 5 years after college to my first job in photography at the Queen Anne?s Record Observer, in Centreville, the next town south of Chestertown.

However, I don?t know in the least what those flags represent ( :

Ed Deasy


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