Friday, February 27, 2009

mottos and slogans

We believe in Expertism. We will spend vast sums of money with experts for a bag of magic words.
How many people in my City could cough up its slogan?
How many people could cough up that slogan with a straight face?

The State of Alabama has three slogans:
1. Share The Wonder
2. Alabama the Beautiful
3. Where America finds its voice

They don't have the farcical-nonsensical foundation of the wildly successful "Virginia is for lovers" slogan.

Thank you Alabama.

State mottos tend to be more idealistic. Mottos start in Latin. Few are understood.

Audemus jura nostra defendere



Anonymous Kelly said...

It's kind of funny that I lived in Alabama for 6 years and didn't know that these were the 3 slogans. I thought it was "Stars Fell on Alabama" like the song, that was what was printed on everyone's license plate. interesting.


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