Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pensacola N.A.S.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lady of Loretto

The "Lady of Loretto" Chapel is located in the west wing of the Naval Aviation Memorial Chapel complex. The title refers to the house in which Mary was born and in which the Annunciation occurred, as well as to a ancient statue of Mary which is found there. Catholic tradition says that a band of angels scooped up that little house from the holy land and transported it to Loretto, Italy where it has been for some centuries. As a result, "Our Lady of Loretto" is known as the patron saint of builders, construction workers and aviators. Many aviators leave a set of wings in this chapel upon their graduation from flight training as a reminder to those entering to pray for those aviators, both past and present.

Blogger emory said...

For the record, No, I did not remove the Baby Jesus from Mary's hands and replace Him with the airplane!

Blogger lightnin said...

Well, SOMEBODY did! She seems pleased with it.

Blogger emory said...

Baby or airplane? Of course she is pleased.


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