Wednesday, April 01, 2009




Anonymous Anonymous said...

can't we please make marijuana legal? stoned people spell better than drunks.
O'Bama could make some real money with a tax on hemp products, put the Mexican gangstas out of business, and we could get cleverly stoned instead of stupidly drunk

Blogger lightnin said...

I used to hear about the Floribama from Jack Williams, who loved playing there. Nice to see that it's a real place (photography makes things real).

I agree with the comment above!

Blogger emory said...

Jack Williams? Was he in Killer Whales?
Regarding the smoke, put a little tax on the marijuana and take some of that new, regressive, tax on poor people cigarette tax away.

Blogger lightnin said...

Jack played with John Brannen, Jesse Jordan and me in the ole days.
Great guitarist, recorded a solo cd at Florabama, didn't sell too many.

Yeah, put in in a store and tax it!


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