Thursday, May 07, 2009

Norris? Szakos? Taliaferro?

The candidates for the Charlottesville Democratic primary Saturday May 9 participated in political theater, conversation and debate this past Wednesday night.
It was intense, like a Thanksgiving meal when the family is a bit dysfunctional. Real. Refreshing after the gloss of presidential politics.
Charlottesville Tomorrow has posted audio which is handily indexed for the channel surfers amongst us.
I am pasting in several of Charlottesville Tomorrow's questions below, hope you will visit their site, listen. ruminate and vote May 9!
  • 17:00 Question #3: "Do you think the City and the City taxpayers have a responsibility to help finish the Landmark Hotel project, and what would you like to see done with it?"
  • 19:30 Question #4: "Regal Cinema 4 has announced plans to rebuild their cinema behind K-Mart with additional screens and stadium seating. Many area residents are excited that they won?t have to drive to Short Pump in order to have a modern movie-going experience. Unfortunately, that theater sits directly in the path of the $30 million proposed road construction project to extend Hillsdale Drive to Hydraulic Road. At the same time, a group of concerned citizens have gone to court to prevent the construction of the Meadowcreek Parkway through McIntire Park. What do you propose, both short term and long term, as a solution to our traffic problems and to citizen opposition to building new roads?"
  • 27:30 Audience question #1: "We have a city manager form of government, and over the years I?ve come to believe that the city manager wields more power than anyone else for setting priorities and making decisions. My question to all three of you is, what system do you have in place to watchdog the city manager?"
  • 33:30 Audience question #2: (directed at Taliaferro) "You mentioned affordable housing in your opening statement. On several occasions, you have publicly endorsed the creation of a dedicated fund for affordable housing, but when it came time to vote for it, you were the deciding vote against it. How do you reconcile your public statements against it with your [previous] campaign promises?"
  • 39:00 Audience question #3: "I hear each Council member speak for affordable housing. The last time I heard someone talk about affordable housing they built 12 houses in the 10th and Page neighborhood, and they were all $300,000 homes. Can someone define affordable housing and who are they going to build these affordable housing units for when a large majority of people in this town are not doctors and lawyers and only have incomes [between] $30,000 or $35,000? What kind of affordable housing are we offering those citizens?"--Charlottesville Tomorrow



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian Wheeler takes too long. I budget my time. Get news from the counciler in exile

Blogger Flying Scott said...

After reading Colossians 3:1-11 this morning, then your blog, which includes several questions about affordable housing, I'm reminded of the quote, "To attempt to be open to God and closed to our fellows is to drive uphill with our brakes on." Keep taking photos and writing!


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