Friday, June 26, 2009




Blogger lightnin said...

Michael, your other glove has been found.

Blogger emory said...

James Howard Kunstler has a blog on MJ, when he was warming up to it he wrote the following...

Farewell King of Pop

It's fascinating to follow the coverage of Michael Jackson's death, but especially the lavish tributes to his "genius" and general wonderfulness. He was, in fact, a monster, and an apt reflection of America's extreme collective cultural confusion. He was a distillation of the lies America tells itself. He was infantile, grandiose, horrifying, and probably dangerous. His "accomplishments" as a grown man amounted to little more than a half dozen popular songs. The arc of his life may have been tragic, but it was a tragedy of his own making. His sudden end brings to mind a remark Gore Vidal made upon hearing about the death of Truman Capote: "Good career move."--JHK

Blogger emory said...

oops, the blog address for JHK's "the Man in the Mirror" piece


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