Saturday, July 18, 2009


Olive Garden was originally developed by General Mills, Inc., but in June 1995, General Mills spun off its restaurant division into Darden Restaurants, Inc. Almost 25 years later, Olive Garden remains committed to its purpose of Hospitaliano! - providing 100% guest delight through the genuine Italian dining experience.--from the Olive Garden Website

Went to an OG restaurant last night, an eating machine! Designed to put food in front of the people. All very well done in its 21st century way. Mad TV deals with OG here.

Modern design standards make many things easier. Next door to my sister's house, bordering a wetland in MA, is a new subdivision. Roads in the local township are narrow, paved, 17th century wagon paths. The road in the subdivision is wide, a great boulevard to accommodate the fire engines which, at some point in the 21st century, might respond to a call or two.
Designed for fire engines. Never mind the wetland.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

So we're in MA at the same time! Hi to the family from jim who forgot his assword.


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