Wednesday, July 15, 2009

mixed use

"The proposed use is harmonious with those surrounding it."--staff

34-440(f) Industrial Corridor (IC): This district provides opportunities for large scale commercial uses and manufacturing or industrial type uses that are more compatible with the neighborhoods that surround the manufacturing properties.--municipal code

The City of Charlottesville is in search of candidates for appointment to the Planning Commission. Applications are due July 16th.
To apply, click here.
Planning Commissioner Cheri Lewis discusses prerequisites



Blogger emory said...

(b) Due to their potential adverse impact on adjacent properties, certain other uses or facilities shall be screened from adjacent property and public rights-of-way, using an S-3 screen type:
(1) Outdoor storage and loading areas--All outdoor storage and loading areas shall be screened from view from public rights-of-way and adjacent residential districts.


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