Thursday, July 30, 2009

Opheodrys aestivus

Acceptable serpent, also known as bush snake, grass snake, green summer snake, green tree snake, green whip snake, huckleberry snake, keel-scaled green snake, magnolia snake, vine snake, not a green mamba. This snake died crossing the road near Ottoman, Virginia.

Anyone interested in the education, conservation, and research of Virginia's native amphibians and reptiles? Visit the Virginia Herpetological Society website immediately. Best snake photos I've ever seen...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That greenish shade of gray looks out of place on a legendarily black and white blog. What gives Bill?

Blogger emory said...

anathema! I agree. It's not often allowed. I grudgingly admit the world is a colorful place. A half dozen of the snake's names reference color. What is a b&w person to do?


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