Saturday, August 15, 2009

around here

Northern Neck, Chesapeake Bay,Town Creek, Slabtown, Virginia

The south bank of the peninsula was the most popular location in Virginia for the People to live. An abundance of food. Formerly the world's richest estuarine system. Came a big trade in tobacco. The People had to be moved out. There was a war. New people were brought in to do the work. They didn't get paid. There was a war. Mechanized agriculture, steamboats, oyster houses and tomatoes, a few well fed years in the 20th C. The were several wars. The DDT, the phosphates, the sediment, the nitrogen that ran off the land, the parking lot lavage, it killed the creatures that lived in the water, the creatures that fed the People. Walmart arrived. The Gas got expensive. The tourists quit visiting. For the people who remained, there was little to do, little to eat.



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Well said. Well, sad.


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