Monday, August 31, 2009

Corvus brachyrhynchos, Ginkgo biloba

The state bird of Virginia is (yawn) the Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis). The state tree is the (yawn yawn) Dogwood, cornus florida, more a bush than a tree.
Let the state bird be the American Crow and the state tree something whup ass, a Ginkgo, a survivor. Anything other than the dogwood please (d-wood is the state tree of Missouri and New Jersey)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck changing that one. The dogwood (not sure how it got it's glorious name) has the flower that Christians relate to - blood stains and all, and the ginkgo is so primitive (related to the fern) it can't be considered civilized.
Crows, as sophisticated as they are, are not very popular. Too self-sufficient or something...

Blogger Victoria said...

Gingkos is beautiful, but stanky...

Blogger N.C.Street Photography said...

I think the state bird here in N.C. should be the buzzard. They do such a good job of cleaning our roads of dead carcasses such as deer, racoons, & possums. As a truck driver I see em all the time. Don't know if they eat skunks or not. We're getting alot of skunks, from Va. no doubt.(don't mean as a put down):)

Blogger julian said...

Ginkgo Biloba sounds well but it is a traditional Chinese medicine and it is scarcely found in Virginia as compared to that of China.


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