Friday, October 02, 2009

Baltimore, Maryland

view from the Crescent, Amtrak's passenger train, passing through.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice shot. This scene hasn't changed much in the past few decades; only the trees seem different. One thing I used to like about the Crescent was that it went through the backyards of the cities. Probably one thing the residents didn't like...
I like this picture. Transporting me back, and oh how I love looking back.

Blogger emory said...

Anon! So sad that these houses are boarded up. Would love to know the history of one, resident by resident, back to creation.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture tells part of the story, leaving us terrain to explore in the imagination; that's a beautiful thing to some, like me. You, of course, are more interested in the real story. That separates you the wheat from those of us who are chaff.
Still, we thank the Emorys of the world for at least supplying us with a launching pad.


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