Wednesday, October 21, 2009

informed citizenry

Tonight (Wednesday, 10/21) four candidates for City Council will take part in a forum -- a question and answer session -- airing their stances on the issues that affect our lives in Charlottesville -- and in our neighborhoods. The forum will take place in Council Chambers in City Hall, from 7 to 9 pm.
The forum is hosted by the Alliance of Neighborhoods. Candidates Bob Fenwick, Dave Norris, Andrew Williams and Kristin Szakos (not pictured) will be participating.
The Alliance solicited questions from Charlottesville residents. There is no republican or democratic way to fix a pothole, but is there a Charlottesville way? Ours is a unique political/bureaucratic culture. Join in as questioners shine a light down the rabbit hole.



Blogger Sean Tubbs said...

Paul Long won't be there?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You really captured the look of "I mean bidness!"
My favorite thing about your photos of people is that you have a fast trigger finger and the subjects don't have time to get self-conscious. You won't ever have to rely on 60 images-a-second streams from which you have to pick the right part of the second.
Old school skills...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who makes up the alliance, and do they have a partisan agenda?

Anyway, what's to be afraid of in letting people from the audience ask questions rather than have some unknown group screen them first?


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