Sunday, November 08, 2009

Student Internship Positions Available

Rivanna River Basin Commission seeks student interns for 2010

Stormwater Tools for Localities: Research incentive based approaches to encouraging "advanced" stormwater management (from comp plan/ordinance changes to fee structures) in support of a grant to the Commission from the National Fish & Wildlife Foundation. Prepare report and present to the RRBC (2010 spring, summer, and/or fall)

Rainwater Harvesting: Working the System (graduate level internship) The Commonwealth of Virginia (Virginia Department of Health) is presently developing guidelines that will enable localities to more readily approve rainwater harvesting systems for use in public and private spaces. The guidelines are being developed with input from other state agencies (DEQ, DCR, and DHCD). The internship will include joining meetings with multiple state agencies and local stakeholders, reviewing state rainwater harvesting codes, providing technical review and recommendations to RRBC staff and committees, and helping coordinate a regional and/or statewide meeting. (Spring 2010)

Rivanna River Corridor Plan: Preliminary Steps Conduct background research into river corridor planning. Interview planning staff of Rivanna localities. Research funding opportunities. Assist in writing grant proposals. Present to the Commission and other public bodies and their staff members. (Spring 2010 and beyond.)

Rivanna River Basin Commission/Technical Advisory Committee: Support the work of the Commission's Technical Advisory Committee, quarterly meetings and ad-hoc meetings of four subcommittees in between (Watershed Modeling, Rainwater Harvesting, Monitoring, and Workshops). This internship involves working with the RRBC staff to support the work of the Commission's Technical Advisory Committee and will range from meeting logistics, researching technical and policy issues to follow-up from meetings, taking subcommittee meeting notes, etc. (under-graduate or graduate level, ongoing)

Rivanna River Resources: What's Missing? Web and Graphic Resources for Understanding our Watershed. Review websites of similar organizations (Rivanna-based, other state or regional river commissions, etc.). Working with multiple existing resources bases and compilations, obtain documents and/or links to documents available online that will enhance the "Rivanna Resources" portion of the Commission's website. Work with RRBC Webmaster to modify RRBC website with additional materials selected. (under-graduate or graduate level, ongoing)

Rivanna River Basin Commission: Building an Inter-jurisdictional Body for Watershed Protection Meeting planning and support for the Commission itself, which meeting quarterly in 2010 (provide dates and times).(Suitable for under-graduates, with discrete dates and time periods. Good for satisfying community service requirements. Ongoing.)

For more information, contact Leslie Middleton, Executive Director, at 434-975-0224 between 8:00 am to 4:30 pm weekdays or email

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Love the photo. The geometry and grayscale are spectacular. Should make an absolutely luminous darkroom print.

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