Roan Mountain, October 2001

Later there were simple monuments, acknowledging loss.

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The flag in your picture atop Roan Mountain was placed there by my family on the weekend following the attacks of 9/11. I had wanted my young son and daughter to have a memory of having done something to remember that awful time. We hiked up as the sun was setting and placed the flag on the trail marker. For our effort we were rewarded with wonderful views of the starry heavens. Unfortunately, I had not thought to bring a flash light and the walk back down to the parking lot was a little scary for my children as we stumbled through the pines. Thank goodness for indiglo watches or I would have walked off the trail at one point.

I was recently recruited to Tulsa, OK and my family and I have not been atop Roan Mountain since last November. And periodically when homesickness overtakes me, I surf the web for pictures of the most beautiful mountain in the Eastern Appalachians. And this evening I happened on your wonderful image. Yours is the second picture I have seen of our little flag on the internet. How amazing. I told my children that night that their little flag was possibly the highest flag flying in tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11.

Thanks for taking and posting your picture.