dogs do not live long enough

Ephemera, anything short-lived or transitory.
Ephemeron is the singular of ephemera

I want a website that is like the weather, changeable. A space to experiment, start fires, and make the neighbors nervous. Commit to periodic change.

kitchen table, Richmond Virginia

So that’s the idea with the ephemeron. Shorter-cycle, volatile. Scat photography, serving up visual syllables. The syllables aren’t required to constitute a sentence.

Most always something drives the selection- a tune, a mood, a prevailing rhythm, a low pressure system, rain falling.

these girls are now 30 something

Is subtext necessary? Is subtext worth knowing?
Is it helpful to know that 5 of these pictures are from March 7, 1977?
What was the Dow that day?

town hall, Bluffton SC

Once upon a time I moved further South, to the land of the great Pat Conroy— pluff mud, tidal creeks, boiled peanuts, peaches, fire-ants and alligators. Worked for a weekly newspaper in South Carolina.

Shot neighborhood fashion shows, bridge groups, ribbon cuttings, and the dog of the week.