looking for coelenterates

This ferry was put out of business in September thanks to hurricane Isabel.
Repairs take time on the Northern Neck.

corrotoman river ferry

My favorite features of the ferry, it is run by a human, it carries two cars at a time, it is free, it has a directional arrow that swivels 180 degrees depending on whether you are north or southbound.

kudzu and phone-pole southern totems

The Northern Neck also boasts an ample supple of pine-woods and ticks.

When Captain John Smith and Pocahuntas were traipsing around the neighborhood there were climax forests, huge oak trees with the underbrush so light-starved you could drive a coach between the oaks.

But nowadays, we’ve cut those big trees down, planted groves of pines. We harvest pulpwood every 40 years to make copies of the Sunday New York Times.

Sometimes, a really lucky tree will get turned into an electric pole. Down south we clear-cut our trees, much neater that way.

Stay on Manhattan!

this woods hit hard by Isabel

You think the Cross Bronx expressway is scary? Takes a stout heart to bicycle this country.

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